Our Services – a brief summary


We are Natural Health Practitioners & believers in Science.

Allergies are one of the fastest growing conditions in Australia.

Many of us go on suffering for long periods of time – season after season our symptoms return and so does our discomfort. Sound familiar ?

We research and use the very best, most specific tests together with evidence-based medicines.

We aim to provide both comfort in the short term and a pathway to a long-term lasting solution.

Your treatment will be carefully designed  to address your specific needs.

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Allergy Root Causes and their Outcomes ?


Classic Allergies produce IgE antibodies – whereas Food Intolerances produce IgG antibodies

Both can cause your body to react but the speed of onset, severity, measurement methods and treatment of each is quite different.

Classic Allergy triggers an almost immediate response in the body.  Symptoms such as rashes, hives, itching, difficulty breathing, sinus, swelling of the throat and/or mucous membranes and in severe cases anaphylaxis.

Food Intolerances are slower to provoke a reaction (12 to 72 hours). Symptoms can be constipation, diarrhoea, eczema, flatulence, IBS, migraines, weight gain. This delayed reaction makes it more difficult to pinpoint the cause.

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Understanding Allergies


Testing, Measuring and using good Science

Scientifically measuring the likely cause can be a first step in finding the culprit and identifying a long-term solution.

We measure and test with pathology laboratories that we choose for their science and quality.

We offer a wide range of  allergy tests costing from $130 – $795.

But what is more important than the price, is identifying the right test for you.

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Allergy and Food Intolerance Tests


Which Diet Is Right For Me?

Our Clinical Nutritionists are trained to assist you in choosing the correct diet without compromising your nutritional status.

Depending on your symptoms and test results they will take all the guess work out about what you can and cannot eat and customise a diet for you.

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Nutrition and Diet

Weight Loss

Losing Weight

Stubborn kg’s sitting around your waistline and hips ? Tried everything to lose it and nothing has worked ?  An allergy or food sensitivity problem may create inflammation in the GIT  and cause ‘water gain’ weight.

Get tested!  With your allergy/food intolerance report we can work from the inside out.  As your gut heals you can quickly lose between 5-10 kilos.

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Weight Loss


Your Child’s Health

Looking after our ‘little’ people is a passion for us. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing a miserable child become happy again.

We choose natural, highly effective evidence-based medicines and with a sound knowledge of nutritional science address the underlying causes to nurture your child back to optimal health.

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More on Children