Susan Carr

Here to help you

Clinic Principal, Naturopath and Allergy Advisor

Susan’s Journey

A little about my journey …

I consider myself very fortunate to have discovered a career that I absolutely love. I chose to embrace Natural Medicine and it’s philosophy 22 years ago.  Why? I worked for a multi-national company in Perth CBD,  working 24/7 and under demanding deadlines and I developed anxiety and insomnia.

My wake-up call came when I no longer could get to sleep without my Tamazapan!

Time for a change, it all seemed pretty scary at first but little by little I changed my occupation, my diet, embraced exercise and since then I have enjoyed good health and spiritual wellbeing.

Having made the changes myself and know the commitment it takes I can now pass this experience on to others who might want the same.

It is very gratifying to help others along their path to better health.

The Perth Allergy Clinic Journey

As a Naturopath we are trained in all aspects of health and wellbeing and it is rewarding to be able to pass this knowledge on and assist others on their journey.  Making changes is not as easy as it sounds it takes commitment and willpower.  Susan and her team are here to help you on that journey.

The essence of being a Naturopath is not all about herbs, minerals and vitamins it takes a through understanding of the science behind these natural medicines and how they are used to influence positive changes.  With a strong background in biochemistry and endocrinology Susan has been able to assist her clients in many of todays ‘modern world’ health conditions.  Stress, fatigue, burn out from adrenal depletion, insomnia and hormonal conditions.

Another significant challenging area that Susan has focused on is in the realm of allergy management.  So many adults, children and even babies suffer with allergies.  With adults we regularly see all kinds of sinus conditions, hives, itchy dry skin, eczema, migraines and dry eyes.

Children manifest with (ENT) ear, nose and throat, mucous production, glue ear, skin conditions especially childhood eczema these are all too common these days and on the rise.

Susan recognised the need to create a clinic to cater for all kinds of allergies from hay fever through to hives. Today Susan and her team are proud to offer many forms of Natural Health solutions validated by science and clinical trials.

About five years ago due to the demand for allergy management a section of the Centro Health Clinic was dedicated to the management of allergies and so Perth Allergy Clinic was born.

Susan’s other specialities

In the 20 or so years since she has been in clinical practice Susan’s aim and goal in her career has always been to provide a supportive and caring environment through some of the most difficult and emotional situations when it comes to fertility management.

Susan has a strong passion for fertility and this passion along with her knowledge of the sex hormone pathways has led her to manage many complicated but successful pregnancies with rewarding outcomes and happy couples.

More and more couples are understanding the benefits of natural medicine and embracing it.

The end result not only being beautiful babies but healthy parents too!

Susan’s interests outside of work


One of my great passions in life is to speak the Italian language.  I love everything about Italy, the food, the wine, the people and the language! They say that a person who has two languages has two lives.  Building new friendships, exploring a different culture and travel is good for the soul.

See you soon


Una delle mie grandi passioni nella vita è parlare la lingua italiana. Adoro tutto dell’Italia, del cibo, del vino, delle persone e della lingua! Dicono che una persona che ha due lingue abbia due vite. Costruire nuove amicizie, esplorare una cultura diversa e viaggiare fa bene all’anima.”

A presto