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Here to help from 6:30 AM before your work or school runs begin.

Our early morning Naturopath and Allergy Advisor

Tash is also something of a guru on "Long Covid"
And how to help you get over that recurring cycle
of feeling unwell
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My path to Wellness

Hi there,

It is a pleasure and privilege to be working with Perth Allergy Clinic.

I love my job.

I support people who are devoted to understanding what’s happened to their health. People who are willing (and relieved) to discuss their health journey without being rushed for time.

Having at least an hour together, allows for nuances and health patterns be deeply explored. This makes ALL the difference when understanding how things can veer ‘off track’.

As a fully qualified Naturopath, mother, with a background in technical support within the integrative medicine industry – it is an ever-evolving passion to support others improving their health from a technical, functional and emotional perspective.

Working with me

My Story…

In my 20s, I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and SO anxious when I had my first child as a single parent.  I excessively multi tasked daily…feeling perpetually guilty it (or I) was never ‘enough’.

My sleep suffered badly, quickly followed by my physical and mental health.

My home was excessively clean (a pseudo sense of control), the calendar was JAM PACKED with activities for my son and I, with no space to exhale or see where the day would go.

I was unable to sleep even when my son was sleeping, which turned into a spiral of self-fulfilling apprehensive sleep angst.

Those early years are actually a blur, I am not sure how I functioned on such little sleep (sometimes none at all).

​This can be described as ‘high functioning’ anxiety, whereby I appeared to be ‘fine’ from the outside, but my mood, hormones and gut were under serious pressure.

​I began to imagine horrific catastrophic events happening to those I loved and would find myself crying in the car for ‘no logical reason.’

My Special areas of Interest

With herbal medicine support, daily breathwork from a Yoga, Kinesiology and Reiki practitioner, big changes to nutrition, slowly, my nervous system started to SOFTEN.

This is a gradual yet profound process and really does require consistency with (helpful) daily habits.

It is OK to be in rest and digest, it is OK to exhale.

It is OK to do less.

In fact – it is a responsibility to yourself and your loved ones to do this for your (parasympathetic) nervous system, for your whole wellbeing.

This journey led me back to Uni (previously with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, Spanish and Women’s Studies), completing a Bachelor’s of Health Science – Naturopathy.

The last few years have been a wonderful weave between working two roles in the health industry; a Naturopath supporting clients through one on one consultations, and assisting health professionals understand functional testing results for their patients, remaining updated on the rapidly unfolding research of natural medicine.

What I like doing inside and outside of work

I am especially experienced with interpreting qPCR gut microbiome stool tests (DNA sequencing information about your poop and all the bugs that live in our guts!).

It has been fascinating to explore parallel patterns between digestive symptoms, gut microbiome results and states of emotional health. The micro through to the macro can work together in a sophisticated symbiotic dance.

My ongoing mission is to empower and inspire others to feel profound, sustainable health, reconnecting with our ‘whole’ selves in the modern age. 

Easier said than done, but yes, it IS possible!

It is often a mutual learning experience supporting others through their health journey as people often have excellent instincts when it comes to their health issues, they may just need refined guidance and a wider perspective of all the variable factors that impact how we feel.

How I Stay Well…

So I can be there for myself, family, loved ones and clients, you can find me having ocean dips most days (yes even in winter!), starting the day with an early yoga routine, doing my best to practice what I preach.

​I actually don’t enjoy cooking very much but I LOVE healthy eating. It IS possible to eat well, without being complicated or stressed by extravagant recipes.

WHY feel WELL?

To experience the best quality of relationship possible with ourselves and others.

I look forward supporting you when the time is right!

X Tash

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