Julia Smith

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Naturopath, Wellness Coach and Allergy Advisor

My path to Wellness

My own journey into wellness started as a Uni student in the UK. While researching for my Health Science degree and major in Psychology, I found myself naturally drawn to the research and many benefits of nutrition, herbs, meditation and other holistic practices. This was the early 1990’s, and although the lecturers didn’t share my passion for a holistic approach, I’m pleased to say that it didn’t dissuade me from pursuing my own interest in Natural Health. In fact, it probably gave me the gentle push I needed to dig deeper into the evidence! I applied the diet and nutrition concepts in the research to my own health struggles, learned to handle anxiety and to stabilise my yo-yoing weight with long term success.

It was later when I brought my backpack to Australia that I discovered the world of Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine in all its true glory. Australia is well known for its advanced place in the field of Natural Health, so I was delighted to find like-minded people to study Naturopathy and Nutrition with in Melbourne. I graduated in 2000 and have been a lifelong learner in the field ever since.

Working with me

I understand work stress. For years I was very committed and absolutely loved my job working for a large Wellness company. It was a senior role covering a large region of Australia, which meant a frequent travel schedule and very early mornings. So, I get how it feels to have a demanding job and to juggle a busy home life too! Most importantly, I’ve seen how these pressures can make health slip down the priority list- leaving its mark on our happiness and performance as well as our bodies.

Throughout my career, I’ve also had the great fortune to work alongside some of the world’s best Functional Medicine Practitioners, Researchers and Educators in our field, and for that I feel thoroughly grateful. It is this combination of expertise and personal experience, that I bring to your program and personalised wellness coaching sessions.

My Special areas of Interest

My special areas of interest are sleeplessness, physical pain, emotional trauma and stress as these all impact our ability to function at our best.

The close interplay between diet, gut health and the mind simply fascinates me.

My love of the wider field of mind and body health has taken me to study Personal Fitness, Mindfulness, Vipassana Meditation, The Science of Happiness at Work, Emotional Intelligence and Professional Coaching.

What I like doing outside of work

My social media describes me as ‘Lover of Dogs and Nature’ which I think sums me up quite well… we could add to that, ‘ Enjoys yoga and good food.’

Weekends often take me to the South West, where my partner and I love to hike and immerse ourselves in Nature. Our most recent holidays have been spent completing the Cape to Cape, a 160km section of the Bibbulmun track (the rest is pending injury recovery) and hiking in the National Parks around Esperance. We think there’s nothing quite like a few nights of hiking and camping in the WA bush together to totally relax and connect our relationship.

My philosophy in life is one of optimism and humour.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey in rediscovering your best wellness in work and in life.

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