Amanda Downsborough

Here to help you

Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nutritionist & Allergy Advisor

My path to Wellness

From the age of two years, I was handing out Band-Aids, desperately trying to fix people. After completing high school at home on the family farm, I moved to Perth and completed a Bachelor of Science (Nursing). Having been intent on becoming a paediatric nurse, I was side-tracked, and proceeded instead with a Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery, then Graduate Certificate in Family and Community Health. Working across multiple fields in any one week, I was busy but very frustrated by the lack of answers to common chronic conditions.

My mind truly opened when my eldest son was chronically ill and, at the advice of a friend, I changed his diet. Remarkable, positive changes in him made me question what I really knew, and I started to dig deep. Using energy and determination I never knew I had, I completed a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, graduating with distinction and a much healthier child. I then spent the following two years healing myself from the impact of sleeplessness and stress, but so very grateful to possess the knowledge I had gained.

I live by one of my favourite quotes from Hippocrates: “The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it.”

Working with me

Each person I work with is an individual, with their own health goals and their own challenges. I meet people where they are, encouraging, motivating, and inspiring them along the way. I understand first hand how hard the journey can be, especially when juggling a family and everything else that life entails.

In addition to the Master’s degree, I completed two certifications in Nutrigenomics and became board certified with the Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A5M). I love attending conferences, not only for the information, but also to network with integrative doctors and other practitioners, several who have become deeply valued mentors, colleagues, and friends. I absolutely love learning and I love sharing my knowledge.

My Special areas of Interest

I have a passion for children’s health, and have particular interests in autism, ADD/ADHD, eczema, and allergies.

I also have a special interest in autoimmune diseases, with a very strong family history and my own genetic predisposition.

I often use Nutrigenomics testing as one of the tools to help people reach their healthiest state. Nutrigenomics is a term used to describe the interaction of genes and nutrients, and how each impacts the other. I still remember the day in 2003, when a lecturer announced to my undergraduate cohort that the Human Genome Project had been completed. I also remember thinking that it sounded rather important!

Since that time, researchers have been discovering how health outcomes are impacted by nutritional and environmental influences, and that some individuals are more prone to certain chronic diseases that require precision intervention for optimal outcomes.  One example of a gene that can impact our health is the MTHFR gene. Though it might be helpful to know whether you have the MTHFR variation, the enzyme created by this gene does not work alone. For a much clearer picture, it is necessary to investigate multiple genes that affect the same biochemical pathways.

What I like doing outside of work

Off duty …

I am honoured to be the mother of two noisy boys and one gorgeous girl, who inspire me every day to be the best I can be. I am often found in the kitchen (or laundry, let’s be honest).

I try hard to keep my houseplants alive, enjoy hikes in Perth Hills as a family, and digging in the vegetable and herb gardens. My favourite season is autumn, when the temperatures have cooled and the threat of bushfire has subsided.

As an enthusiast for learning, I enjoy reading current research and completing various short (and long) courses, in anything from environmental medicine to infant and breastfeeding microbiome.