Chantal Della Valle

Here to help you

Clinical Nutritionist and Allergy Advisor

My path to Wellness

My Approach:

I pride myself on providing the highest level of client care and I enjoy treating a diverse range of conditions. By taking a holistic, scientific and empathetic approach to treatment I aim to uncover the underlying cause of symptoms.

I am by nature a compassionate yet pragmatic practitioner supporting my clients to reach their health goals with achievable and practical strategies.

A comprehensive combination of nutritional medicine, lifestyle counselling, functional testing and supplements I find are the best tools to help with my client’s journey.  My role is to uniquely personalise this combination of modalities to each client to achieve optimal results.

Working with me

On a personal level my passion for nutrition stems from my own personal health struggles and subsequent success in restoring health with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

My own journey and its struggles have committed and inspired me to take my nutritional degree and to become a life-long student; constantly researching and keeping up to date with the latest developments in functional medicine and nutritional science.

Apart from inspiring others to be the best that they can be, I have special interests in

– Auto-immunity

– Digestive health

– Women’s hormones and fertility.

My Special areas of Interest

I am fulfilled so often by being able to inspire and to impart knowledge to my clients by encouraging them to take a proactive role in their health and well-being and ultimately to live happier, healthier, more complete lives.

Making positive changes to improve nutrition leads to positive changes in mood, sleep and energy which will impact on all areas of life !

I look forward joining and partnering with you on your pathway to your best health and wellness.

What I like doing outside of work

Off duty …

I can be found practicing what I preach:

  • creating and enjoying nourishing food for my family,
  • attempting (often unsuccessfully) to grow my own vegetables and
  • trying to squeeze in a pilates class in between keeping up with two energetic children.