Little Leo

A Happy Outcome

Our practitioner
Natasha Sidoti
shares a story

The background to Leo’s case 

Little Leo (2yo) came to Perth Allergy Clinic very sore, red and itchy. His GP had recently diagnosed this “out of nowhere” skin reaction as Eczema.

His eczema was red and hot, covering his lower neckline, scalp, back, shoulders. Leo seemed tired and dark under his eyes.

Leo has an identical twin, Cohen, with no skin issues whatsoever, although both boys had colic when babies “they screamed for the first 6 months of their life”. This does suggest the gut microbiome was in need of additional support from birth.

The boys were C-section and breastfed for the first 3 months, then mixed formula/breast milk until 6 months old.

Solids were introduced at 5.5 months and they were taking “over the counter” probiotics.

Leo had received 4 x antibiotic scripts in the first 2 years of his life and his brother Cohen 1 x antibiotic script.

Leo’s Mum wanted to avoid long term steroid use and found antihistamines were not that helpful and made Leo drowsy/more listless during the day.

At night, Leo would have interrupted sleep, waking in tears and scratching his body. This also meant Mum was exhausted, trying to raise twin toddlers and run a business at the same time.

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Family History & Signs of Intergenerational Gut Microbiome Imbalances

(where most of our immune system is managed)

Leo’s Dad had a history of strong hay fever symptoms and his Mum had strong allergic reactions to mosquito bites and a chemical found in hair dye. She had rare episodes of gradual onset anaphylaxis, using phenergan when needed (very rare) as well as one episode of hives 12 months prior (unsure of cause). 

Like his Mum, Leo also had strong reactions to mosquito bites whilst his twin brother Cohen did not. 

Behaviour & Development

Leo’s Mum noticed Leo’s speech was less developed than Cohen’s and his voice was also more raspy/more congested. 

Cohen was toilet trained whilst Leo was still having regular accidents.

Leo’s sleep was much more interrupted than that of his brother. 

His brother can ride a bike and Leo is still learning. 

Leo’s Gut Health & Immune System

Sluggish bowel movements. ‘Kangaroo pellets’ every 2nd day without Movicol.

Very loose and mushy bowel movements with Movicol reliance.

Backside could be red and raw from all the straining.

His breath also had a distinct ‘fishy’ odour and Leo displayed mouth breathing when asleep, drooling a lot more than his brother Cohen. 

This suggests Leo was not detoxifying efficiently and his bowel movements were overstaying their welcome, leading to excess fermentation and inflammation in the gut. 

His voice sounded raspy and he seemed congested even when he was not sick with a viral/bacterial infection.

Constant colds and sniffly nose (part time day care attendance) which was also exhausting for Mum.

This indicated an over stressed gut-immune system in need of support. 

Testing Already Explored with GP:

Leo had completed a sIgE (allergy) blood test and was negative for:

– Seafood Mix

– Egg white

– Cow’s Milk

– Wheat

– Peanut

– Soybean

– Overall IgE reading – 18 (<50 KU/L)

This low IgE reading suggested to us it was not a “True Allergy” reaction but more likely a “Food Intolerance” that was leading to Leo’s eczema.

Treatment Plan #1

Test for Food Intolerances with an IgG Blood Test

– Commence eczema specific probiotic formula, cod liver oil, a gentle prebiotic powder and an immune balancing herbal formula with Vit D, Vit A and Zinc included

– Avoid gluten, dairy and processed sugars whilst waiting for IgG test results

– Replace skin care with more gentle formulas (Itchy Baby Co) and bring these to daycare (swap from generic soaps/sunblocks used there)

2nd Consultation – 3 weeks later

Discussed IgG Food Intolerance Report Results

(See the image below )

– Moderate improvements to Leo’s skin

– A reduction in mouth breathing but still with occasional snoring

– Leo had not been sick in a while which was an encouraging sign

– Leo was enjoying his herbal and mineral immune formula in dairy-free milk

Treatment Plan #2

Tracking well to Plan

– Continue all supplements (tracking well) and

– Refine nutrition – avoiding all ‘red foods’

– Recipe ideas shared

– Magnesium baths + Coconut oil + Lavender oil before bed

Leo’s Food Intolerance IgG Test Findings 

RED (Highest Reaction)


  • Egg white, Cow’s milk, Casein dairy protein, Sheep’s milk, Gluten (gliadin), Barley, Goat’s Milk, Wheat



Comments from Leo’s Mum:

“So good, definitely a lot better!”

3rd Consultation

Been very consistent with avoiding red IgG foods. 

– Skin is so much better. Still itchy but MUCH improved

– He is happier (observation of a best friend who visits weekly) “You can tell he is more comfortable”

– He has self toilet trained

– He is talking more fluently

– He has learnt to ride his bike

– Daycare have been advised of his food intolerances and they have a separate plate of food for Leo organised with a printed list in their kitchen.

“Leo used to always be a little behind Cohen, but that is changing now. Cohen has been a bit more grumpy as he is no longer the clear dominant one. Leo has become more competitive with his brother and communicating more”

Treatment Plan #3

– Remain firm with avoiding red foods until skin is consistently stable for at least another 6 months. To then explore gradual reintroduction (1 food at a time)

– Continue current Naturopathic script (refill scripts available)

– Review in 3 months

Comments from Practitioner ( Natasha Sidoti)

It has been wonderful to witness such a significant change in Leo’s health and happiness. His Mum is also relieved to avoid long term use of steroids and antihistamines.

Exploring root causes can take time and energy, however our long term health depends on it!

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What some of our patients have said…

Karen K
Our experience with Tash Sidoti and the Perth Allergy Clinic has been nothing short of fantastic.
Tash is extremely knowledgeable in her field and shows she genuinely cares for her clients. She gave us invaluable insight into our sons allergy diagnosis and came up with a simple and effective treatment plan.
I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone as it is an absolute pleasure dealing with all the staff there.
If I could give them 10 stars I would!

Laura Dowling
Recently we worked with Holly to support my child with on going sickness for 6 months, Holly spent time listening to me, she created a plan for my child.
It’s been two weeks and he is pretty much symptom free.
It’s been life changing for my family & especially my young child.
Thank you for 5 star treatment

Daniella Parsons

I visited Perth Allergy Clinic as I was desperately seeking answers for my 8 month old daughter’s eczema/food allergies.From the moment I made the booking, the communication and professionalism from the staff was second to none.
We saw Holly who was so calm, lovely and knowledgeable and immediately put me at ease. She gave us a clear plan and delicious allergy friendly recipes to follow.
We have now started to reintroduce some allergens and so far so good!
The stress of mealtimes has been lifted and I have a very happy little girl who is loving her food.
Thank you Holly!

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