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Our Principal, Susan Carr shares a few thoughts and tips on Allergies and Pets

Despite popular belief it’s not your puppy, bunny or kitten that you might be allergic to but it’s dander. What’s dander? Well basically its all the dead skin flakes that come off your beloved pet and these get everywhere! This dander is often covered in your pet’s saliva and urine too (ewww). You can experience an allergic reaction to any and all pets or maybe it’s just one in particular. Cat allergies are twice as common as dogs but there’s actually no such thing as a non-allergenic pet.

Why? Well people experiencing allergies have an over-sensitive immune system, their bodies over-react to usually harmless substances and attempt to save you by attacking them. The symptoms we experience are actually a side-effect of the body’s attempts to flush itself of the allergens.

Chances are if you are reading this blog, you or someone you know is experiencing some symptoms when pets are around.

Pet allergies 101

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Cat Allergy with glasses

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Allergic Dog with skin wrinkes

But just in case you didn’t already know the symptoms of a pet allergy include:
– coughing,
– wheezing,
– red and itchy eyes,
– a runny, itchy and stuffy nose.
– sneezing
– for some people skin reactions like rashes and hives
– heightened asthma symptoms.

Hope is not lost, for those of you that were thinking about getting a family pet for Christmas this year you can organise a panel of tests here to see which (if any) pets might trigger this response in your body.

For those of you who already have pets, you are probably wondering if a positive test result means you’ll have to give up your beloved fur baby? Not necessarily.

Here are a few tips to reduce your exposure to dander:

– Keep a safe distance. So, don’t share your bed or couch with pets. In fact, keep them out of the bedroom completely – outside if you can.
– Keep things clean inside. Sweep. Mop. Vacuum. Floors AND furniture. Make sure your vacumm has a HEPA filter because if it doesn’t dander will just float up in the air only to land back where you just picked it up from.
– An indoor air filter might help. Especially in the bed-room / where you sleep.
– Keep your pets clean. Have someone who isn’t allergic to them brush pets down outside every few days. Give them a bath at least weekly.

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Pet Allergies Dog with Mask

What does all this mean for you? Well basically there is nothing you can do to be completely dander and allergic reaction free but you can find out which (if any) are triggering your reaction with some simple testing AND you can reduce the severity of your reactions by following the steps above.

“Happiness Happens”

How’s your ‘happy’ going?

HAPPINESS – A short article by Kinesiologist Lisa Gray

With so much information available about practising mindfulness and finding happiness, sometimes it can be overwhelming – just to find the time to read it all, let alone make it happen – that can be a task in itself. We often feel we need to ‘work’ on ourselves, or we are a ‘work in progress’ or there are things we are ‘trying’ to do for ourselves. For as long as it seems like a task or work, we will continue to place it on a list of things to ‘do’!

Looking after our body and mind often ends up being pushed aside, or comes last when we want to do something good for ourselves, we often feel guilty for taking the time to care for ourselves in a mindful way.

Caring for our body, mind and soul comes easier when it is a normal part of everyday life – even if it’s just 15 minutes. Sitting with a cup of tea and just drinking the tea – nothing else – not watching TV, not scolling down Facebook or Instagram, not even reading your favourite book or magazine.

Breathing deeply into the stomach between sips, out slowly through your nose, closing your eyes and visualizing being in your favourite space (beach, forest, river, waterfall etc) and letting the sounds, smell, colour and feel of where you are infiltrate your whole body. Let every cell, feel the calm winding through your body with your blood, filling your heart with love and compassion for yourself with every breath.

Caution – don’t drop the cup of tea!

By deep breathing into the ‘belly’ for 5 seconds, then a long slow breath out the nose for 10 seconds – the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated. This is ‘rest and digest’ system as opposed to ‘fight and flight’ system. Do this 10 times which will take no longer than two and a half minutes! Who doesn’t have 150 seconds to spare for themselves in their day?
Find the happiness in creating these small spaces for yourself, learn to connect your heart with your mind.

Small simple actions such as this add up to create a more centred day and can really make a difference when done regularly. Of course there are hundreds of these small actions we can find – but don’t spend too much time reading about them – choose two or three that suit you and do at least one each day, then build up to two, then three and start to feel the difference. When you begin to relax more and life feels a little less chaotic, often those around you start to feel the same and the whole household can benefit from your small 15 minutes a day!

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Happiness with woman
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Happiness sunshine

Once these become habits for you (generally 21 days) you may feel ready to look more into how you can find further balance in your life and allow your life to become more about ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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