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This month we Focus on Hives

Recently we have seen a increase in clients coming to us with Hives. If you are suffering from this very uncomfortable condition – get in touch with us and get some relief !

Chris – A severe case of Hives:

“I approached Susan because I’d been diagnosed with Chronic Urticaria (Hives). I’d had it before and was placed on a medication that could damage my kidneys or liver if I was on it for too long.

Susan helped me by explaining that the medication was only masking the problem, not fixing it.”


Hives Urticaria Skin Face Testimonials
See Chris’ full testimonial here:testimonials.

Allergy Testing Perth

Are you keen to get to the root cause of your allergy health problems?

At Perth Allergy Clinic recognise there is a growing need to help people suffering from allergies. Perth Allergy Clinic is a subsidiary of Centro Health in West Perth CBD. Centro Health has been established since 2001.

Within our clinical practice we have been utilising the best information of modern science/research together with gold standard laboratory testing to understand and get to the root cause of allergy symptoms. We investigate and propose pathways to resolution of often long-standing allergy or food intolerance problems.

In the last several years it has become very apparent to us that the amount of allergy cases that we were seeing was growing exponentially so we decided to branch out and create a facility that could especially care for the many growing allergy sufferers and to offer a range of specific approaches to the complex maze of allergies.

Every person is unique in their genetic makeup, health, diet, lifestyle, home and work environment so our treatment is individual to all these aspects.

We are fortunate that we can offer many health solutions and get to the ‘root cause’ of even the most persistent of allergies.

Allergies are one of the fastest growing chronic diseases in Australia with more and more adults, children and infants suffering. In industrialised countries more than 20% of the population suffer from food intolerance or food allergy. Furthermore, it is expected that by 2050 the number of people affected by allergic disease in Australia will increase by 70%, affecting approximately 7.7 million of us.

Please do take a moment of your time to read about what we can offer you. It may be a life changing experience.

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Allergies and Children’s Health

Allergies and Food


Allergy Testing

Perth Allergy Clinic is a division of the renowned Centro Health, Natural Health Clinic.

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955 Wellington Street, West Perth, 6005.

Perth Allergy Clinic West Perth Location Map

Perth Allergy Clinic West Perth Location Map

Yellow and Green CAT buses stop outside of our door. There is also generally street parking close to our clinic. City West train station is about 3 minutes walk.

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Ph. 08 9226 0561 or
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Perth Allergy Clinic

“Natural Health and Science – Combined”

Perth Allergy Clinic is a division of Centro Health. Our expertise is in Natural Health. Wherever possible we recommend the use of natural remedies that have been either clinically trialled or have been used in the public domain for extended periods of time. The testing services we offer for IgG and IgE are through accredited laboratories in Europe. In some cases the services of an immunologist may be appropriate to address certain allergic or intolerant conditions. Neither Perth Allergy Clinic nor Centro Health offer immunology expertise or services. Our services are limited to the provision of third party testing and advice relating to the information contained in the testing reports as well as naturopathic and nutritional advice. Clients using our services should satisfy themselves that immunology services are not required to address the issues that they wish to address.

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